Dr. Xu Qian's Artificial Intelligence Academic Sharing

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Since the opening of Honesta Capital salon— “Brown bag lecture series”, the salon has brought a lot of exciting content. On March 27, 2018, we invited Dr. Xu Qian, a well-known NLP expert in China, to bring a wonderful third lecture, "Artificial Intelligence Sharing".

  Special Guest 

Dr. Xu Qian, a well-known NLP expert in China, was the deputy director of Baidu AI Natural Language Processing (NLP) and led several industry-leading artificial intelligence projects. Years deep in the research and application of AI technology related to natural language processing and machine learning. She graduated from Nanjing University and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, served as a postdoctoral researcher at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology,  studied with the world's leading artificial intelligence expert Professor Yang Qiang.

In this speech, Dr. Xu Qian focused on the development of artificial intelligence, introduced the current stage of artificial intelligence development and industrial structure. Global technology distribution and AI applications are also discussed and analyzed.

Among them, Dr. Xu compared the application areas and technical fields of Sino-US AI industry. She believes that voice analysis and AI platform are potential markets in China. At present, China AI industry entered a rapid growth in national policy support and lead the industry giants, AI industrial scale is expected to far more than the United States.


△  Dr. Xu Qian's wonderful sharing

AI technology for applications in the field of finance, Dr. Xu roughly describes the current mainstream technology applications, including smart-acquisition, large data risk control, investment adviser smart, intelligent customer service and so on. In addition to the financial sector, Dr. Xu also cut into the AI and robotics market chain, key technical barriers to interpret the robots and the future 3--5 years robot market size estimates, to make recommendations on the application of pioneering technological innovation and industrial development.

Finally, starting with the current industry examples, Dr. Xu introduced relevant AI-NLP companies and acquisition valuations, and deeply interpret the changes and future development directions brought by artificial intelligence from the perspective of AI practice.

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