Investment team visited high-tech companies

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Our company has always adhered to the philosophy of value investment. The high-tech companies are important parts of the value investment target. Recently our investment team visited three high-tech companies: VVFLY Electronics, iFreecomm and Alpha Media.

VVFLY Electronics

Investment team communicates with VVFLY executives

Obstructive sleep apnea-hypopnea syndrome (OSAHS) is a potentially lethal sleep disorder that has received increasing attention in China in recent years. It is the source of a variety of chronic diseases, directly related to hypertension, coronary heart disease and diabetes. OSAHS is mainly characterized by apnea and hypopnea during sleep, accompanied by snoring, sleep structure disorder, daytime sleepiness and other symptoms. According to statistics from the Asia-Pacific Sleep Society, there are 200 million people in China who have snoring and 50 million people have sleep apnea. A quarter of the snoring people have OSAHS.

VVFLY is a technological innovation enterprise that applies big data and artificial intelligence to human sleep improvement. The company has many independent intellectual property rights. The bone vibration caused by snoring can be extracted for digital signal processing. Through the speech recognition technology and vibration pattern matching, the human body snoring is accurately judged, and then the weak to strong physical intervention (sound + vibration) is implemented, and the snoring is stopped within 1 second without affecting the user's sleep. With the company's simultaneous development app, you can track the user's sleep, advanced analysis and machine learning algorithms can adapt to different body types and help improve sleep.

Sleep data is closely related to the causes of various diseases, and is the core big data of the health AI. The company will continue to improve the ecosystem of expert systems and healthy cloud platforms, and deploy them in a wider range of health areas. Using AI and interactive technologies such as wearable new hardware, and using big data and machine learning, the value of massive and disorderly medical health big data is constantly increasing. Application scenarios extend to comprehensive health management, sports, insurance, and more.


iFreecomm Exhibition hall

iFreecomm is a leader and innovator in the field of multimedia communications. The company's executive team is composed of Tsinghua and Huawei. Its shareholders include listed companies and well-known venture capital companies. Products include high-definition video conferencing, mobile visual command device, cloud video, interactive educational and broadcasting fields, with a series of products and comprehensive solutions. Customized solutions can also be developedper customer's demand. 

Innovation is a breakthrough in core technology. As a technology-intensive industry, independent innovation in the video industry has been receiving much attention. Based on its decades of technology accumulation and integration of artificial intelligence and advanced algorithms, iFreecomm's self-developed “羿” video operating system (iFOS) is the leading operating system-level video engine in the video communication industry, which can effectively solve different industries and even different individual users. Currently,“iFOS” has formed four business solutions with Xueliang Engineering, Cloud Video, Mobile Command and Dispatching, and Smart Education as the core, and has provided services for emergency management, water conservancy, letters and visits, medical treatment, public security and other industries. Home-level customers and more than 100 provincial-level customers open the door to the trillion-dollar market.

Based on its strong independent innovation capability, iFreecomm will enable the video industry to carry out a comprehensive layout. In the next five years, the company is expected to achieve an annual growth rate of 50% and create a landmark enterprise in the field of intelligent multimedia communication.

Alpha Media

Investment team communicates with Alpha executives

With the continuous development of the Internet industry, China's new media industry has ushered in a golden period of development. In 2017, the market size increased to 755.81 billion yuan (Forward industry research institute statistics). The core of Internet thinking is the user's thinking. The number of users, the length of stay, and the level of participation constitute the media as the communication, guidance, influence, and credibility of life.

Alpha Media has a full-industry chain of new media: self-operated, agency and agent operations, with a focus on the WeChat and Weibo platform. The core management team has been deeply involved in the Internet and new media industry for many years, with rich management experience and great market development and brand operation management capabilities. Currently, Alpha has 50 original self-media official accounts, covering nine major content matrices such as technology, maternal and child, automobile, and food. Alpha's original self-media official accounts have 6 million registered users in total, and the extended network has nearly 22 million subscribed fans. In addition, the company provides advertising agency services and operational agency services for more than 40,000 self-media accounts. It has represented tens of thousands of well-known KOL new media accounts nationwide. It's customers includ China Merchants Bank, China Ping An, Tencent, JD, Wanda Group, Hunan Satellite TV and FAW Volkswagen. , Huayi Brothers, McDonald's, etc.

The next stage, Alpha Media plans to build a community based on core users, gradually develop content payment and e-commerce business, and is committed to becoming one of the largest new media agency distribution agencies in China.