Investment team visited NOAH Medical

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With the implementation of the “13th Five-Year Plan” proposal, Healthy China officially upgraded to “National Strategy”, and the big health industry is becoming a new growth point for the Chinese economy. NOAH Medical, headquartered in Guangzhou, is a quality medical project discovered by our company in the medical and health industry. On December 8, our investment research team and some members of Yiyue Elite visited NOAH Medical\'s flagship store in Guangzhou.


NOAH Medical is the representative brand of chain maternal and child clinics in China, providing full-process services in family medical care both online and offline. Its name is derived from the Bible, "Noah's Ark", a symbol of "life" and "hope". Customers health will always give top priority, and the core doctor team is composed of well-known experts in china. The department is equipped with comprehensive medical services such as general practice, dental department, eye, ear and nose, dermatology and ultrasound center.

NOAH has standardized medical service quality, information systems, brand management and business model. Through the electronic community and the famous doctors circle to enhance patient stickiness, enhance platform value, and cooperate with co-construction and entrusted management, to achieve rapid replication of business models. Noth has opened 10 Maternal and child medical clinics in Guangzhou, Chengdu, Zhuhai and other places in less than three years, 7 of which are already open and 3 are under construction. In South China, NOAH has won the reputation of patients and the influence in the medical circle with high-quality medical resources and international standard medical services.

 Investment team's meeting with NOAH

 Visitors take photos with NOAH Medical Team