Professor Yang Qiang's AI Academic Sharing Lecture

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Since the opening of Honesta Capital salon— “Brown bag lecture series”, the salon has brought a lot of exciting content. On December 13, 2017, the company invited Prof. Yang Qiang, a professor of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and the fourth paradigm chief scientist, to present a wonderful first academic lecture.

  Special Guest  

Professor Yang Qiang, Bachelor of Peking University, Dr. Department of Computer Science, University of Maryland, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Professor, Director of the Institute of HKUST much data migration learning technology pioneer and founder.Professor Yang Qiang is a leading expert and figure in the field of international artificial intelligence. He has made many outstanding contributions in academia and industry, especially in recent years, which has played an important role in leading the development of artificial intelligence (AI) and data mining (KDD) in China.He has published more than 400 papers on artificial intelligence and data mining, cited more than 20,000 times the number of papers in the field of migration study citations in the world.In 2012, he co-founded Noah's Ark Lab in Hong Kong with Huawei, becoming one of the world's leading teams in big data applications. He is currently a consultant of Tencent and a director of WeBank.

Professor Yang Qiang was elected in July 2013 as the International Association for Artificial Intelligence (AAAI) academician, it was the first win of the Chinese. And later in May 2016, he was elected as a member of AAAI Executive Committee, he is the first and the only Chinese AAAI executive committee. In August 2017, he was elected as the chairman of the International Federation of Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI, the earliest top conference in the field of artificial intelligence). He was the first Chinese scientist to serve as the chairman of the IJCAI board of directors. Professor Yang Qiang is also an academician of the International Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), the International Pattern Recognition Association (IAPR) and the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), and an outstanding scientist of the American Computer Society (ACM). In addition, he is the founding editor of the ACM Intelligent Systems and Technical Journal, which has become one of the most cited journals in ACM history; he also created the Big Data Journal and served as editor in IEEE.


△  Professor Yang Qiang and the participants

In the lecture, Professor Yang Qiang also shared the focus of recent AI academic research. The first direction is to find out which part of the knowledge of a field is migrating and how much it can be moved. This is a quantitative description of migration learning. It should be studied theoretically and experimentally. The second direction is to use multiple systems migration study and research, with a system to observe another system to do the migration process of learning, which can learn migration methodology, it is to learn how to migrate. The third direction is to use some new machine learning methods to help migrate learning. For example, GAN, which we call the generational confrontation network, uses it to simulate data in a domain. This multiple systems, one for domain differentiation, one for data generation, to complement each other, and finally form a migration effect.

The first salon - “Brown bag lecture series”, was successfully held. Finally, Professor Yang Qiang and the participants took a group photo.

△  Professor Yang Qiang and the participants

        △  Director Tom LUAN(first from left) Prof. Yang Qiang(middle) Chairman Meng HUA